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About Us

More Life, Less Water

We are on a mission to enable growers to improve their soil and grow healthy plants, using less water. 

One day we hope to improve soils, so they use less water to support sustainable plant life and biodiverse ecosystems, creating a better earth for generations to come.

What is Aquagrain?

We have developed a unique, organic based, biodegradable hydrogel that allows crops to be grown in sandy soil arid lands with a fraction of the water usually required.


Aquagrain combines organic food industry waste, which is often incinerated creating CO₂, with a biodegradable carbon chain polymer which absorbs water, providing food and drink for plants to survive

Aquagrain Plants is a unique, organic-based, biodegradable soil improver that can absorb up to 30 times its volume in water – dramatically  reducing the amount of water required to keep your plants healthy and thriving.

Meet The Team

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