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Healthy trees,
less water.

Aquagrain Trees is a unique, organic based soil improver which can absorb up to 30 times its mass in water providing food and drink for trees, shrubs and saplings.

Grow your trees stronger and help them live longer

Aquagrain Trees can cut irrigation requirements on transplanted Trees, Shrubs, grass and wild flower mixes by up to 50%


Plants survive up to 16 days longer without rain or irrigation if planted with Aquagrain Trees.


Aquagrain Trees keeps your Trees, Shrubs, grass and wild flower mixes healthy and thriving.


Aquagrain Trees is simple to use, can be applied by hand or by standard mechanical spreaders.  

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What does it do?

Aquagrain Trees incorporates organic waste from the food industry into a biodegradable, carbon chain polymer which absorbs up to 30 times its mass in liquid, providing your Trees, Shrubs, lawns and wild flower mixes with food and drink for when irrigated -  in a sustainable way.  


Its organic content, with enhanced micronutrients, not only supplies your plants with valuable nutrients, cutting the requirement for inorganic fertilisers, it also significantly stimulates microbial activity in the soil and is ideal for ecosystem regeneration.   


Aquagrain Trees biodegrades over 12 months to leave just water, CO₂ and organic matter in your soil.

Why should I use it?

If you grow in free draining soils, rely on rainfall for a plants to survive, or have scarce or expensive irrigation challenges, using Aquagrain Trees will cut your irrigation requirements and increase your plants health and survival rates. 


Aquagrain Trees can cut your irrigation requirements by up to 50%.


If you grow plants on sandy soil, another unique Aquagrain  Trees property will cut sand blow down by 99% at winds up to 30 mph.

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How much do I need?

Typical spread rates would be 500 kg per hectare or 10 g per ltr of excavated earth for transplanting.


Because Aquagrain Trees contains NPK at 5.4 -6.2- 4.2, as well as micronutrients, standard crop fertiliser treatments may need to be reduced.


Because Aquagrain Trees cuts leachate by up to 60%, liquid fertilisers will be absorbed by Aquagrain Trees and prevented from leaching away, cutting your liquid fertiliser and liquid ‘ide requirements.

Image by Matthew Smith