Research & Development Approach

Although high tech in manufacture, Aquagrain is low tech in application. Economical for agricultural use, Aquagrain is a commercially viable hydrogel, which will reduce the impact of climate change by facilitating crops to be grown in arid lands. Helping halt the creep of desertification.

Aquagrain’s Laboratory and R & D Centre at Needham Market in Suffolk, UK is one of the best equipped vacuum drying R & D facilities in the UK.

In addition to a well equipped lab. The Aquagrain production facility boasts a 40 litre and a 220 litre vacuum mixer dryer.

Technology Development

Aquagrain has been developed through extensive research, controlled and open field trial programmes. The compelling case for feeding the planet and saving water has, and will continue to attract significant development grant funding for Biomation development.

Aquagrain’s original 3 Year research programme at the University of Hertfordshire was grant funded by the Knowledge Transfer Network.

Aquagrain’s development was grant assisted by European Regional Low Carbon Development Funding

Innovate UK provided grant assistance for an advanced R & D project.

Aquagrain’s Laboratory and R & D Facility was grant funded by Eastern Agritech Regional Development funding.

Development Collaboration

Aquagrain work with leading international agricultural and horticultural academic research centres and commercial growers.

Aquagrain has been independently assessed by some of the largest global crop treatment organisations and commercial growers including the National Institute of Agricultural Botany, Sakata Seeds and Saria Bio Industries.